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10 Bollywood actresses doing Yoga during pregnancy

The most beautiful moment in a woman’s life after her marriage is the day when she gives birth to his baby. Except a mother none can love his child selflessly. And after the birth of a baby it is so necessary to care for him. But before birth it is another way necessary to keep a mother calm and fit so that the baby can be healthy. Here are the top 10 Bollywood actresses who did Yoga during their pregnancy and share the benefits of this.

1. Karina Kapoor khan

Karina Kapoor khan

One of the top most actresses in Bollywood. During her pregnancy she shared pictures while doing yoga with her fans and told the benefits of yoga and suggested they live fit by doing yoga.

2.  Amy Jackson

She has worked with many actors and has good fame. During his pregnancy she shared his picture with yoga asanas and advised everyone to do Yoga daily.

3. Soha  Ali  khan

Soha  Ali  khan

She is the fittest actress beside his age and says Yoga made her relax and make mind calm. During her pregnancy she used to do Yoga daily to keep herself in peace and happy.

4. Shilpa Shetty Kundra

Shilpa Shetty Kundra

We all know she is a Yoga practitioner and fittest actress in the industry. She inspires his fans to live fit, and she shared his pregnancy pictures while doing Yoga and also made videos for her fans to teach them Yoga asanas in an easy way.


5. Lisa Haydon

Lisa Haydon

During her most viral song dum maro dum she revealed her pregnancy and it surprised her fans how she looked pretty in the song. She says Yoga helped so much in her pregnancy and she used to do Yoga for an hour daily.

6. Sameera Reddy

Sameera Reddy

She has done in Bollywood, Tamil, Telugu too.This beautiful actress showed her pregnancy with Yoga asanas and made herself fit even in the pregnancy time.

7. Lara Dutta

Lara Dutta

Miss universe of 2000 and also did many movies. She says she used to do Yoga in her pregnancy, and she took many benefits of that that can be the only way which can keep you fit with a healthy mind.


8. Saumya Tondon

Saumya Tondon

Gori mam of the most famous show Bhabi ji ghar par hai has posted her pictures while doing yoga in his pregnancy and wrote some lines to her fans by suggesting them to do Yoga daily to stay fit and healthy.

9. Natasa Stankonic

Natasa Stankonic

She is a model and dancer, recently married to the cricketer Hardik pandya. She is so fit and her pregnancy didn’t stop herself to workout she did Yoga to keep herself fit and make her mind peace.

10. Anushka sharma

Anushka sharma

The cricketer virat kohli and actress Anushka shrama are going to have their first baby and she is in touch with their fans to keep them up to date about their new member. She posts photos with exercises and also suggests others to do Yoga.

Yoga helps us a lot. In daily life if someone has no more time to go for a workout then he can choose to do Yoga at least for an hour a day.