11 Most expensive things Salman Khan owns!

11 Most expensive things Salman Khan owns!

Salman Khan is considered as the most versatile and great actor of Bollywood. He is not only famous for his acting but he is also known for his kindness, The way he helps poor and needy people, is a great sign of a gentlemen.

From respecting his co actors to helping many actresses. Salman Khan is loved by all the people. His fans are his great support. He never forget to thank his fans. Salman has done many Hindi movies and has net worth of around $318 Million.

We all are aware that the life of these Bollywood stars are very luxurious. They can buy anything they want to. Some stars own a private jet whereas other own a Island.

Salman Khan is the highest paid actor of Bollywood. He charges around 40-50 crores for a single film.

Today we are going to tell you about the most expensive things that Salman Khan Owns.

1. Bicycle:

Salman Khan owns a bicycle worth Rs.4 Lakhs. This is highly advanced bike used in many championships.

2. Suzuki Hayabusa: (Worth Rs.15 lakh)

Salman Khan is one of the richest actors of Bollywood. He owns a Suzuki Hayabusa worth Rs. 15 Lakh.

3. Yamaha R1:

Salman loves sports bike. In his collection he also have Yamaha R1 which costs around Rs.15.6 Lakhs.

4. Suzuki GSX-R 1000 Z:

Salman Khan’s bike collection doesnot end here. He is also an owner of  Suzuki GSX-R 1000 Z, which costs Rs. 16 Lakhs.

5. Suzuki Intruder M1800 RZ:

Salman Khan also owns the Suzuki Intruder M1800 RZ. It is one of the most expensive bikes. It costs around Rs.16 lakhs.

6. Mercedes Benz GL Class:

This is the latest addition to his Garage. Salman is often spotted in his Mercedes crossover GL class car.

7. Land Rover Range Rover:

Salman is often seen in his Range Rover too. In his past he owned many rangies. His car is worth Rs. 2.06 crores.

8. Audi A8 L

Salman Khan is also a big fan of Audi. He owns the flagship sedan Audi A8 L. It cost around Rs. 1.13 crores.

9. Audi RS7

Salman Khan was the only person who launched the RS7 in India in 2014. The very red one he launched became his ride. The RS7 is the sportier version of the A7, which is a coupe-like sedan that sits between the A6 and A8. This car costs around Rs.1.4 Crore.

10. Private Yacht:

Salman Khan also owns his own private yacht, which costs around Rs. 3 Crore. He bought his private yacht on his 50th birthday which is used for parties.

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