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14 Funny Pictures That Would Rather Hide From The Internet.

14 Funny Pictures That Would Rather Hide From The Internet.

We all are aware of the power of social media. Social media can make you famous in a few seconds. But with social media, our privacy has been stolen. We cannot hide anything from it. We all have got that one picture which we don’t want others to see. But if someone sees it then it feels awkward. You too must have experienced this. Sometimes these pictures are too embarrassing and so we don’t want them leaked in front of the world.

But thanks to God! We have got Best friends in life, who are there to solve our problems. Really? No, they are the only one who shows our funny and embarrassing photographs to all. And at the end, we can’t do anything. These pictures are like the worst nightmares. Well, I can’t say about your funny and embarrassing photographs but today we are going to show you some of the funny pictures on the Internet that is too hard to forget.

1. Hillarious! Monkeys have Feelings Too:

14 Funny Pictures

See the reaction of another chimp sitting beside that girl. His reaction says it all!

2. The unintended NSFW picture:

14 Funny Pictures

Yes! It will take you longer to realize that its a foot. The most embarrassing hangout picture ever clicked.

3. Usual Yoga Stretch:

Oh! Is she not aware of her sheer Yoga Pants? But kudos to her flexibility.

4.  Oh! It seems the Dog Doesn’t Like The Girl:

You cannot be favorite of everyone.

5. I am Gonna Walk On The Water:

When you are drunk and want to walk on the water.

6. Dress Too Tight:

14 Funny Pictures

When they have to struggle in the wedding.

7. Wild PARTY? No! It’s an Illusion.

14 Funny Pictures

8. Really? Is he wearing his Girlfriend Shorts?

9. Embarrassing!

Funny for many, embarrassing for one!

10. Weird!!

11. Cheerleader as Nervous As Sh*t:

12. Camel Toe:

Perfect Assets!

13. What a Booty!

14. When You Are Not Aware What You Did last night: