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5 things that you won’t believe even exists. These gadgets can make your life easier.

5 things that you won’t believe even exists. These gadgets can make your life easier.

There was a time when humans lived in the forests. Used to burn fire with stones. Killing animals and eating them. They use pigeons if they want to send the message to their loved ones.

But gradually humans started making life easy through inventions. If you see today, you will find that the person’s life has changed in all direction. In today’s world, man has money and machine does his work. Today we have brought for you some of the same inventions of science that make life easier for the people. After watching these you will be thrilled for a moment.

The Third Thumb:

The student of Royal College of Art design, London, Danny Clod, invented ‘The Third Thumb’. This device can be placed under a small finger. This wireless device work through the sensor, which can be installed under the foot. The thumb can be instructed through a Bluetooth connection. It is designed to increase the productivity of work.


It’s a kind of toothbrush that can clean your mouth in 10 seconds. This device is made up of mouthpiece, handpiece and toothpaste capsules. It cleanses the mouth by making vibration. Through Amabrush’s app, you can set different vibration modes and times.

Anti-Theft Backpack:

It is a stylish bag equipped with anti-theft technology. Hizippersppers and secret pockets have been fitted in it. It is made from a waterproof fabric that is not easily cut. There is also a USB charging port.


Polarseal is a lightweight and waterproof sweater that can heat you in just 10 seconds. It also has a button to increase the heat.
Spray-on Fabric:
It is a technology in which the body is sprayed with cotton and plastic mix material. After drying it becomes cloth, which can be used as a common garment.

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