6 super costly and useless things bought by the Richest people.

6 super costly and useless things bought by the Richest people in the world.

It is said that money can buy anything. If you have money then you have everything. If you do not have money, then you can’t even think of spending a rupee on anything. A poor man thinks to work so much that he gets the food of two times, but the dreams of the rich people differ completely from that.

But there are many people who are fond of expensive things, which are useless. They have so much money that they can not understand what to do. Maybe that’s why they even buy an island and sometimes buy expensive useless things. Many times, that thing does not even come in their use.

Today we are going to show you such super expensive and useless things that are bought by the rich people.

1. Gold toilet paper:

When you have money then you can do anything. These golden toilet papers are being used by the richest people in their restroom. You will be shocked to know its price. It is sold at a price of more than 9 crores.

2. Diamond Chess:

You must have seen or played with black and white chess. There will also be a set of chess in your house, but have you ever thought about the set of diamonds? This chess is composed of 320 black and white diamonds. The chase set is worth more than Rs 4 crore.

3. Diamond Pen:

Whether it is diamond or gold of pen, its job is to write. The ink coming out of the pen is not of gold or diamond, but who will explain this to rich people. These are just the pen of diamond in their glory. The cost of this pen is more than 4 crores.

4. Gold iPhone:

You must have seen the love for an iPhone. People stand outside their store one day ago and buy these expensive phones. More than that, there is the craving of Gold iPhone which only happens to rich people. This special gold iPhone price comes in crores.

5. Diamond Dog Collar:

Looking at the photo you might have understood about what we are talking. Actually, the rich people not only have the habit of raising expensive dogs, but they also make a necklace of nine lakhs for them. This is called diamond collar.

6. Luxury Ice cubes:

We all use the ice cube in our cooldrink, juices or water. But by hearing the price of this ice cube, your brain will get frozen like ice. This is not a normal ice cube. Its price is approximately 22 thousand rupees.

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