Actress Amy Willerton Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction. See the pics here.

Actress Amy Willerton Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction. See the pics here.

There are many actresses who have faced wardrobe malfunction in many occasions. Because of their tight fitted sexy dresses, they sometimes come across unexpected malfunction and they have to face embarrassment.

Now the name of another actress has been added in this list. Recently, the actress reached an important event where her tightly fitted dress got worn out. At the same time, the actress struggled to hide her worn dress. We are talking about the famous British model and actress Amy Willerton. Recently, during the Function, Amy became the victim. Due to her tight dress, she had to face embarrassment in front of everyone.

Amy is always in the headlines due to her boldness. She has been in the discussion for several times because of her Nude Photoshoot.

Amy Willerton walked the red carpet at the Military Awards 2016 at London’s Guildhall. The 24-year-old made it to the award function red carpet in a striped mesh dress by Celia Krithariotie.

Oops, Moment:

The famous British model Emmy Willetton, who is known for her hXt figure, became a victim of the oops Moment during a function.

The dress got worn out:

Actually, she had to face embarrassment when her dress worn out suddenly during the show.

According to the English website, Amy was invited to take part in the Military Awards at the late night.

Pic Courtesy- gotceleb.com

In the Function, she had worn a green color fish-shaped dress. During the show, when Amy reached the red carpet, as usual, people looked at her sexy curvy figure, but as soon as people saw her torn dress, everyone’s eyes stayed there.

Pic Courtesy- Fabzz.com

She was looking gorgeous as usual. The 24-year-old model bravely handled the situation and was seen laughing and posing to the camera.

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