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All not well between Alia and Katrina: I’ll ask her to start liking my pics again!

All not well between Alia and Katrina: I’ll ask her to start liking my pics again!

It seems that all is not well between the B-Town besties Katrina and Alia. As we all know Alia is currently dating Katrina Kaif’s ex-boyfriend Ranbir Kapoor. Their recent social media activity suggests that things are not going well between these two Bollywood besties.

Denying the rumors, Alia said there is no truth in this news. Katrina and Alia are still good friends. Alia was spotted interacting with the media in the recent Caprese bags new collection launch on Monday. Katrina and Alia used to share a strong bond. But after the news of Alia dating Ranbir, things ruined and they are no longer on sweet terms.

Earlier the duo best friends were spotted working out together and sharing videos on their Instagram account. But now those posts have also vanished.

Reacting to these reports, Alia said, “I don’t check my Instagram likes. So, I don’t know why people are checking that? But I have to admit I have always been very fond of Katrina.

“I believe that it’s the same both ways, according to us. So, I don’t know why other people feel differently?

“But now I will send her a message to start liking my pictures because if that’s the barometer of friendship then we must start liking everyone’s picture.”

“Or maybe, I don’t have good pictures,” Alia said, adding that from now on she will post good pictures and then maybe “she will like it. But with her, I have no stress whatsoever”.

Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhaniya actress Alia is currently in a relationship with Ranbir Kapoor and it is also rumored that the duo will tie the knot by next year. Well, we don’t know the actual truth behind this.

On asking Alia about this, She said:

“I don’t react to rumors. Rumors are not meant to be reacted upon. As long as you aren’t entering my bathroom, I am fine because if you are not talking about me then maybe I am not relevant enough. But honestly, I am in a very good place both personally and professionally so no issues whatsoever,” she added.

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