Are you also bringing the food items packed in newspapers? Then this news is for you.

Are you also bringing the food items packed in newspapers? Then this news is for you.

After the ban on plastic bags, people are mostly using newspapers to pack the food items and selling them. It has become a culture like selling goods in newspapers. In large to small cities and village-countryside, food items such as vada pao, samosa, poha, jalebi, and pakodas are kept in a newspaper and served.

There is only one reason behind this, that the shopkeeper does not want to spend money on the plate. At the same time, he wants to avoid washing the utensils of steel etc. But you would be surprised to know that the food kept on the newspaper is very dangerous. As a result, many harmful diseases can occur.

In many types of research and medical examination, it has been found that keeping food in a newspaper, causes diseases like cancer.

Today we are going to tell you about the harmful effects of eating food items in newspapers.

Paper printing is one of the reason:

People who love enjoying their food in a newspaper then they must be aware of its consequences. In many research, it has been proved that keeping food in the newspaper becomes very dangerous for our body. The reason behind this is shocking. From where the printing of the newspaper takes place, the work of sending the disease also gets started.

These chemicals are used for printing:

The newspaper’s printing is mainly from the dye isobutyl fertilizer and Diane isobutylene which are dangerous chemicals. The ink prepared with these chemicals produces many types of diseases as they enter the body.

How the ink becomes deadly!

The use of the newspaper in serving most of the shops is that they are full of crowds. Here people come to eat hot stuff. But the truth is that keeping hot food in the newspaper is the most dangerous. Because the inherent chemical is found in the ink, which activates their bioactive. These bioactive elements are activated and dissolve in food items and go straight into our body.

FSSAI has issued advisory:

To change these habits of people and shopkeepers, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) have released strict advisory. He has also issued advisory related to it so that people can be made aware. Also, there is also a provision of fine for shopkeepers, if they do so.

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