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10 Bollywood actresses who rejected famous roles

In Bollywood there are many high rated actresses and many super hit movies. Bollywood has many talents and adds more talents every time. Many actors and actresses leave some soles for their own projects or for other movies but lead roles rejected by them sometimes become more famous. So Here we will discuss some famous […]


Study revealed, Wives of less attractive men are happier than the others.

You must have seen different couples. Some are so deeply in love that for them face or color does not matter. But there are other people also who are very sensitive to physical appearance. Does the partner’s look affect your relationship? Does your happiness depend on your partner’s looks? Recent research reveals that in the […]


You must have not seen these bizzare Fashion statements.

We bet you won’t be able to control your Laugh! With the changing time, people’s fashion sense also changes. What is trending today will not be tomorrow. You must have seen that old fashion is back in trend. Nowadays everyone wants to look fashionable and in the name of fashion many people do things that […]


Do you know these amazing health benefits of eating green chilies?

Eating green chilly has many advantages. Your face and stomach is clean . Many people love eating green chilies with their food, usually it is thought that tart or spicy food is not good, but green chillies in the kitchen not only increase the taste of food but also have many health benefits. Many people […]


Alert Ladies! Working in different shifts have negative impact on your body.

Nowadays there are many such professions where work is done in different shifts due to work pressure. The effect of which is seen on the health of the employees. In fact, working in different shifts has a very bad effect on our body. Experts believe that our body’s hormones react more positively during sunlight i.e. […]


Your mobile number can reveal about your personality.

Know which digit is lucky for you.   Numbers play an important role in knowing one’s personality, the possibility of getting success in the future, marriage, career etc. Points not only affect our personality, but also events that occur around us. Here we will tell you in detail how your mobile numbers are affecting your […]


Do you also do these 4 things with your GF? Your relationship might end.

Relationship is a beautiful feeling that one must have experienced once in their life. Relationship is a journey of love where you experience different phase of life. Every relationship is build up on trust and commitment. And once you fail to maintain that balance between your love life and personal life, then everything ends on […]


Do you know these miracle benefits of drinking “Bhang”? It helps in fighting from these 3 diseases.

If you consider Bhang only as addictive substances, then today we are going to clear your doubt, because it is used as a medicine. It is believed that Bholanath’s real offerings are bhang and it should be taken by every Shiva devotee. Many people take it heavily in the name of Shivprasad, and they harm […]

CCTV footage of red Eeco car used in Pulwama Attack found.

CCTV footage of red Eeco car used in Pulwama Attack found. NIA says he joined Jaish.

On thursday, 14th Feb,2019 40 soldiers were killed in a terrorist attack in Lehpora, Pulwama, Jammu Kashmir. A CRPF convoy led to a terrorist attack in which 40 soldiers lost their lives. The Cabinet Committee on Security, under the leadership of PM Modi, held a key meeting of the Cabinet Committee on Security. The National […]