Be careful while playing with colours in Holi. This can be dangerous.

Celebrate this Diwali with full enjoyment but do not forget to take care of your skin.

Holi is one of the biggest festival in India which is celebrated with full enjoyment and craze.

People start the preparation for Holi when Phalgun comes in the month, and with this people make plans on how to celebrate this festival with their friends and family members.

Holi is a festival of colors, which people play with a raw color and Abir. On this special occasion, people apply colours to each other and make delicious dishes. But in this enjoyment, we forget to take care of our skin.Often, the use of colors while playing Holi damages the face, so selection of colors becomes very important when playing Holi. In the use of colors in Holi, we must take extra care of our skin.

Take care of your skin from these harmful colours.

After playing holi, most of us suffers from skin irriation and infection. There are chemicals in these colours that irrates our skin and leads to itching.

How to protect your skin from these harmful colours:

Before playing Holi, put a moisturizer or lotion on your skin which can protect your face from any allergic reactions. Apart from this, after playing holi, apply calamine lotion on your skin for removing the colours. With this you can save your face from allergic reactions.

Use Dahi:

Using curd, can help you to remove the colors from your face. With this remedy, your skin will not be allergic and it will also maintain moisture. Apart from this, keeping children away from dark colors is right because children’s skin is very sensitive.

Be careful while using the colours:

Try not to use colours made of chemicals. Instead, use good quality and herbal color. Apart from this, it is better to use gram flour, curd and flour instead of soap and facewash to remove the colors. After this, use cold water to remove the colors from the skin.

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