Because of this neuron present in the brain, You feel more hungry.

Because of this neuron present in the brain, You feel more hungry.

Have you ever wondered why do you often feel hungry? Why do you feel to have more food after eating food? Researchers have made the research. According to them, ‘Orexin’ is responsible for the use of drugs or alcohol addiction, including cocaine. You want to eat too much because of the neurons.

According to the research, a small group of brain cells in the hypothalamus can be a promising goal of controlling food in obese people with too much eating. Researchers said that ‘Orexin’ neurons have previously been found to be responsible for many addiction addicts, including cocaine.

“Our goal is to understand how the brain controls hunger,” explains Lowell, an investigator in BIDMC’s Division of Endocrinology, Diabetes and Metabolism and Professor of Medicine at Harvard Medical School. “Abnormal hunger can lead to obesity and eating disorders, but in order to understand what might be wrong – and how to treat it – you first need to know how it works. Otherwise, it’s like trying to fix a car without knowing how the engine operates.”

Hunger is notoriously complicated and questions abound: Why do the fed and fasted states of your body increase or decrease hunger? And how do the brain’s reward pathways come into play – why, as we seek out food, especially after an otherwise complete meal, do we prefer ice cream to lettuce?

“Psychologists have explained how cues from the environment and from the body interact, demonstrating that food and stimuli linked with food [such as a McDonald’s sign] are rewarding and therefore promote hunger,” explains Lowell.

“It’s clear that fasting increases the gain on how rewarding we find food to be, while a full stomach decreases this reward. But while this model has been extremely important in understanding the general features of the ‘hunger system,’ it’s told us nothing about what’s inside the ‘black box’ – the brain’s neural circuits that actually control hunger.”

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