4 Best SBI Life Insurance Plans.

4 Best savings plan from SBI Life. SBI Life Insurance.

SBI Life Insurance plans help in preparing the future of individuals because the savings plan comes with the life insurance cover. Low-risk investors can consider this option, which will help them meet the needs of the children’s marriage or education, buying a home. Here are some plans to meet different needs.

 Life Insurance
SBI Life Insurance

SBI Life Insurance – Smart Women Advantage:


Smart Women Advantage is a participating Individual Traditional Benefit Scheme which includes additional security features which will help you in financial planning and will provide you with the security that will be of value to you forever.

Benefits of SBI Life- Smart Women Advantage:

This plan has many benefits, such as –

  • Security –to protect your family in case of an eventuality
  • Reliability –through comprehensive coverage
  • Flexibility –to choose between two plans and coverage against pregnancy-related complications and childbirth-related abnormalities

Working Woman and House Wife can take advantage of this scheme. This SBI Life insurance plan is one of the best plans for working women. This is a comprehensive insurance plan designed for women who benefit from life cover, savings, and serious illness. Under the Smart Women Advantage policy, the premium paid for health benefits and 80C benefits can be availed by tax benefits under Section 80D. It is a good plan for women.

SBI Life Insurance- Smart Swadhan Plus:


Smart Swadhan Plus is a non-linked and non-participating term insurance plan with the return of a premium plan. This plan caters to your need for insurance, with the added benefit of receiving total original premium paid on maturity.

Smart Swadhan Plus plan includes a series of benefits such as:

Security – In the case of a sudden family needs.

Reliability – the full refund of the original premiums

Flexibility – Policy Term and choosing the premium payment option

Ease – Completely easy application process

Plus, according to your needs, SBI Life Insurance- Smart Swadhan Plus plan offers various premium payment options. This is best for the member who earns money in the family because it offers life insurance coverage for any event. In this case, in case of survival till maturity, total basic premiums paid under the return and policy are handed over. Tax benefits under Section 80C on the premium paid by Individuals can be availed of Section 10 (10D) on maturity amount.

SBI Life Insurance- SBI Life smart Humsafar:


SBI Life smart Humsafar is a joint non-linked participating endowment plan. The scheme comes with many benefits of savings and insurance cover for both husband and wife. SBI Life smart Humsafar is the best plan for couples because it is joint life insurance with a savings plan in which you can take insurance cover for yourself and your spouse under an insurance policy. Minimum bonus for the first 3 years on 2.50% of the basic sum insured.

This SBI Life insurance plan offers:

Security – At the time of contingency, by protecting you and your spouse.

Flexibility- Addition of additional rider benefits.

Simplicity – two persons have the same policy cover.

SBI Life smart Humsafar provides financial security in the event of the death of the life insured or both. This policy will pay the maturity amount on the existence of one or both of the promised life at the end of the term.

SBI Life Insurance- SBI Smart Money Planner:

Smart Money Planner Personal non-linked, which has a benefit endowment assurance plan with the additional facility of guaranteed flow at regular intervals according to your financial needs.

Benefits of SBI Life Insurance- Smart Money Planner:

  • Security – through life cover
  • Reliability – with regular income throughout the benefit payment period
  • Flexibility – through four different plan options

Smart Money Planner provides financial support to meet your long-term and short-term goals while providing you with life insurance during the policy term without paying the premium with full payment during the entire policy period.

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