Best SSD in India
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Best SSD in India

Let’s get out of the way right away. There’s no such thing as a “gaming SSD”. SSDs can not only speed up your level loading times, but can also improve your gaming experience. Keep looking at the loading screen forever because it reduces the time it takes your computer to load textures into RAM and load them into the GPU. Instead of watching, you can return to the gameplay.The SSD we introduce below is one of the highest performing SSDs on the market right now, and it improves the overall performance of your computer, which includes video games.

Best SSD in India

Intel Optane SSD 900P 

Intel Optane SSD 900P High capacity SSD designed for storage intensive applications. Applications include engineering tasks, media creation, game development, games, and more. Its low latency storage has a huge impact on the applications that can use it. The SSD features 3DXPoint memory, which reduces latency and significantly improves endurance.


The ADATA XPG SX8200 Pro is a high-performance performer with a long battery life. SSDs are particularly good at sequential transfers and perform well overall. The price is really reasonable and the drive offers a 5 year warranty. If you’re looking for a cheap yet stable SSD, you won’t find it anymore.

Intel SSD 660p

The Intel SSD 660p is the industry’s first quad-level cell (QLC/4bit) SSD. Perfect for gamers and advanced users with amazing speed and a reasonable price. Prices are getting lower than most budget-friendly TLC options. This is a good option for users who want reasonable reading and writing speeds at an affordable price.

Samsung 970 Pro

The Samsung 970 Pro is the trusted top performer in the NAND SSD market, and always outperforms its competitors in virtually every test. It’s also the only consumer NVMeSSD with MLC flash. It is aimed at pros and pro gamers who will do a lot of audio, video and image processing. Solid State Drive (SSD)


Silicon Power’s P34A80 is a high-speed SSD and is less expensive than most of its competitors. I’m using Toshiba’s BiCS364L TLCNAND memory and Phison’s E12NVMe controller. He has made a name for himself as a top performer in the entry-level market. It’s not very durable, but a 5-year warranty makes up for it.

Corsair Force MP510

The Corsair Force MP510 performs well in ATSB tests simulating real I/O patterns, earning high scores. It can also be power-efficient. The MP510 features a Phison E12 controller and Toshiba’s 64-layer 3D TLC NAND, a popular combo in the NVMe SSD market. It is a well-balanced product that spares no effort in functioning as a whole.