Best Weapon in Pubg Mobile
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The Best Weapon in Pubg Mobile

Mobile version of Playerunknowns Battlefield has almost all the important weapons in the game. Most can be detected on the ground, while others can only be achieved by air droplets. In any case, you know which weapons are not a good idea.

Best Weapon in Pubg Mobile

For the fighters in Pubg Mobile and the main game require a high degree of concentration and consciousness. In the relevant situation, accurate weapons can save the lives of their characters and win the chicken dinner. If you want to know which five weapons in Pubg Mobile are the largest in any specific order, you will find these fast instructions for all details.

1) AWM

Sniper Rifle This is the best sniper rifle in PUBG Mobile. A single head shot will kill opponents regardless of helmets. Use the 8x assortment, reject the top again and set up the opponents. An end or two body bullets are enough to kill them.

2) Sniper Kar98K (or M24) 

KAR98K is a good replacement for Sniper AWM. It is not as strong as Sniper AWM, but it completes the job and can kill enemies in a shot when it is done correctly. On the other hand, M24 is a bit stronger than KAR98K, but only available from airdrops. It uses 7.62 mm rings and takes only with AWM on firepower in second place.

 3) AKM 

The AKM attack rifle is probably the best attack rifle that we have seen so far, and if you combine it with the assortment, it can be extremely powerful. The AKM has the highest damage per round (7.62 mm) of any attack rifle in the game.

4) Attack rifle M416 

The 5.56 mm rings used in the attack rifle M416 are one of the largest attack weapons with a long and short range. It can not even give them. Once killed, unlike AWM, you will need more than one hit to kill enemies. M416 has a higher weft speed, damages more than every second and less jerks against AKM and can also be discontinued.


The SKS Rifle is a sniper/attack rifle that has 7.62 mm rings that can cause a lot of damage in a shot. This DMR can be equipped with some accessories, including 8x sniper areas, but it has higher shocks so that it is difficult to control.

These are currently the best five weapons in Publib Mobile, according to our opinion. If you can not find the people mentioned by us, you may want to consider other similar weapons, such as Scarl, MK14 EBR, UMP9, M16A4 and GRAZA.