Birthday Special: This Bollywood actor was a Sub-Inspector before coming into movies.

Birthday Special: This Bollywood actor was a Sub-Inspector before coming into movies.

There are so many stars in Bollywood, but there are some such stars whom we can never forget because of their acting. People still remember them for their role that they played in movies. Today we are going to talk about the Bollywood’s veteran actor. ‘Jani’ was his favorite word. Can you guess who is he?


We are talking about Bollywood actor Rajkumar.

Originally the name of the son of a Kashmiri Pandit family was Kulbhushan Pandit. Born on October 8, in Balochistan, Pakistan, Rajkumar came to Mumbai in the 40s. In his early days, He started working with Mumbai Police as sub-inspector at the Mahim police station in Mumbai after seeing his stature and degree of graduation.

Rajkumar Bollywood actor

Once the filmmaker Baldev Dubey was in the police station for some urgent work. He was impressed by the manner in which Rajkumar was talking and offered Rajkumar to act as an actor in his film ‘Shahi Bazar’. As such, he was just waiting for this opportunity. Rajkumar resigned from his sub-inspectors job immediately and agreed to work in the film.

Rajkumar, Meena Kumari,  Rajkumar Bollywood actor

Rajkumar’s first film name was Rangili. The film was released in 1952. He got recognition from the 1957 film Mother India. In the 1958 film Dulhan, the 1959 film Paigham, the 1960 film Dil Apna and Preet Parai, and the 1963 film Dil Ek Mandir, he left his imprint in the mind of the people.

His heart struck on an airhostess during air travel. She married that Anglo-Indian girl Jennifer. After marrying Rajkumar, Jennifer was known as Gayatri Rajkumar.

Rajkumar, Meena Kumari

The name of Rajkumar was also associated with some actresses. Rajkumar was known for his dialogue delivery in films. He used to forget about his dialogue while working on the set with Meena. We just use to stare Meena’s face. Rajkumar fell in love with Meena Kumari but after some films they  did not work together.

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