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PUBG got banned in Rajkot, Gujrat. 10 youth got arrested for playing PUBG.

PUBG is the most viral game amongst the youth nowadays. From children to adults all are addicted playing this game. Well, addiction to anything is not good and it can really damage you. In many cities PUBG is getting banned for the safety of youth. Last week, Rajkot imposed a ban on playing PUBG. The […]


The girls whose name starts with these letters gets the richer husband.

Are you also included in this list? Many girls dream of marrying a rich man so that they can fulfill their needs and can lead a happy life. But do you know that there are some girls who are born with the luck. Do you believe in astrology? Every girl dreams of a good life […]


Due to mounting tension on the Indo-Pak border, CRPF Jawan canceled his marriage.

We all are aware of the tension that is prevailing between India and Pakistan. All Indian Army and Police are on high alerts. In addition to food, cloth and house, marriage is also considered as an important part of the life. But today’s generation do not believe in marriage and hence don’t want to get […]

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Be Careful. Do you also have a habit of sleeping late in the weekends?

If you also have a habit of waking up late in the weekends then there is a bad news for all of you. Bad News for late sleepers: You might become a victim of cancer and may die sooner. Nowadays, everyone is busy in their daily life, working day and night to survive in this […]


We bet you must have not seen these after breakup creative tattoos!

You must have seen people with tattoos signifying the love for their partner. But after breakup, people regret having those tattoos. Some people make a big mistake when they make their girlfriends or their wife’s face tattoo on their body. Many of them have to change their tattoos further, because they have become their X. […]

Aakash Ambani and Shloka Mehta

4 shocking things that happened in Aakash Ambani and Shloka Mehta wedding.

Do you know, In the wedding Barati’s were Bollywood celebrities and foreign VIP guests came to bless the newly weded couple? It seems that its the wedding year in the Ambani family. After Isha Ambani, Mukesh’s son, Akash Ambani, tied the knot with Shloka Mehta on 9th March. Well, who does not know about Ambani’s […]


These 4 Zodiac signs have a bad Attitude. Are you included in this list?

Be Careful of these zodiac sign! They are full of Attitude. You must have come across some people or even your close friends who are full of attitude. This might be rooted to their zodiac signs. Because of their arrogant nature, people sometimes gets pissed off with them. Let us tell you, all 12 zodiacs […]

jokes poking fun at Pakistan after Airstrike

Social media is flooded by memes and jokes poking fun at Pakistan after Airstrike.

You must be updated of the latest news that is happening in India. You must have also seen many memes and jokes that are being published on Twitter and Facebook. Well, these are so funny that we just can’t stop laughing. Indian Air Force has taken major action against Pakistan, who had attacked our soldiers […]

Health benefits of eating Tulsi Leaves, benefits of eating tulsi leaves

Do you know these Miracle benefits of eating Tulsi leaves early in the morning?

In just few days get rid of cough and Kidney stones. Tulsi is also known as Basil leaves. Basil plant is found in every home and this plant is considered very sacred. The plant has religious significance, along with many medicinal properties are also present in this plant. Which make this plant different and special […]


Wow! These beautiful cities of the world are settled under water.

There are many such secrets in the world which have not been revealed to anyone till date. Today we will tell you about one of those mysteries. You must have heard and read about many ancient cities that are buried under the soil. I do not know how many mysteries have been covered in such […]