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Dangerous! Love applying Matt lipstick? You must read this.

Dangerous! Love applying Matt lipstick? Your dark lipstick is not less than poison!

Whether there is a party or a date, women never forget to apply lipstick. Without makeup, if you apply dark lipstick then it looks more disaster. No matter how well you have done your makeup until a perfect shade of lipstick is not applied, it seems something is incomplete.

Do you also apply lipsticks daily before going out? Do you know that these lipsticks that enhance the beauty of your lips can also prove to be dangerous for you?

According to a report, millions of women apply lipstick every day. After all, this is a must. Lipsticks make a difference in the beauty of women, but hardly do you know that it is extremely harmful to the health.

Why is lipstick harmful?

Actually, there is a lead in the lipstick, which is a neurotoxin and it can cause learning and language problems. Although lead is not present in all lipsticks, nor does a brand tell about the lead in its product ingredients. Lipstick can make us sick by going directly inside our lips.

Study revealed:

According to a study conducted by the University of California, when a woman applies lipstick and then applies it to 2 to 14 times a day, then she absorbs at least 87 milligrams of lipstick in a day. There is an excess of metals in red and dark lipsticks. For this reason, lipstick can cause damage to the stomach.

Side affects Of applying Lipsticks:

Kidney Fail:

In lipstick, metals like lead, cadmium, magnesium, chromium, and aluminum are used, which are responsible for dangerous diseases. Not only this, it can also completely damage the internal organs of the body. There is a considerable amount of cadmium, which increases the risk of bad kidney failure. It can also be the cause of stomach tumors.

Harmful for skin:

Other chemicals used in lipstick can damage your sensitive skin. You may have to face problems like skin and eye irritation, allergies, body pain and sore throat. The mineral oils used in it can close the skin pores of the skin.

The risk of cancer:

Leads are present in lipsticks, which can increase the risk of disease like cancer. This increases the risk of breast cancer in women. It also reduces immune system’s ability to fight diseases by reaching the body.

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