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Did you know that the ATM card holder gets life insurance up to 10 lakhs?

Want to know how to claim it?

From the beginning of the 21st century, there have been several major and significant banking reforms in India, one of the important and revolutionary steps are ATMs. ATM’s contribution is crucial to reaching banking facilities to the home and to increase their usage. Earlier, people were afraid of banking and stood in the long line of bank for depositing or withdrawing the money. ATM not only facilitated us but also ensured our economic security. Using ATM cards is a way to keep our bank account in a pocket.

how to claim atm card insurance, bank gives you insurance of up to Rs 50,000 on your ATM card

ATM system has provided us with economic security in many ways, we do not even know about its many facilities and services.

Let us tell you that your bank gives you insurance of up to Rs 50,000 to Rs 10 lakh on your ATM card.

how to claim atm card insurance, bank gives you insurance of up to Rs 50,000 on your ATM card

And the most important thing is that almost all banks give this facility to their customers, but people are aware of it.

You can also claim your ATM Insurance in this way.

how to claim atm card insurance

Actually it is a type of accidental insurance, in the event of an accident, firstly inform the police and prepare all documents related to the person accident. If the person’s condition is serious and he is admitted to the hospital, then prepare all the documents related to the hospital and his treatment.

To get the amount of insurance you will have to present all these documents to your bank, along with some information about the last 60 days of ATM card holder’s transaction. In this way, you can claim the amount of insurance you get on your ATM card, if your family member is killed or died in the accident, in addition to your ATM card, there are many such facilities which provides huge benefits and people in general do not know about.

ATM Cards are not only for doing Transactions:

how to claim atm card insurance, bank gives you insurance of up to Rs 50,000 on your ATM card

1.Do you know that ATM cards are not only used to withdraw money, but you can also deposit money in your account with the help of your ATM card. Also, if you do not have Net Banking facility on your account, you can transfer the funds through your ATM Card, for this the option is given in the ATM machine only.

2.ATM cards give you security, everyone is scared to travel with a lot of cash, but if you have an ATM card, you do not have to fear that you can get as much money as you need. At present, in India, you can withdraw money up to Rs 3 lakhs in 24 hours from one account through different ATM machines.

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