Do you also do these 4 things with your GF? Your relationship might end.

Relationship is a beautiful feeling that one must have experienced once in their life. Relationship is a journey of love where you experience different phase of life. Every relationship is build up on trust and commitment. And once you fail to maintain that balance between your love life and personal life, then everything ends on a sad note.

Often the boys take care of girls choice before coming into the relationship. Apart from this, the boys also try hard to keep girls happy in the beginning of the relationship. With this, every couple wants his/her partner to be happy. But as soon as that starting phase passes away, boys stop doing the efforts and then the time comes when the spark in the relationship starts ending.

Boys have a habit to ignore things after sometimes, which brings a distance bewteen the two people. Not giving time to her and other reasons can make her think that you have lost interest in her. Which often leads to breakups.

Today we are going to tell you about these 4 things that might end your relationsip:

1. Not replying to her text messages:

If your girlfriend or wife is sending you a message and you do not reply to her message, then she feels very bad about this. However, if it is one or two times, they don’t mind, but if you do so often, then the sense of insecurity in their mind arises, and therefore they start fighting with you and they even think that you are cheating on her.

2. Gossiping about her makeup:

Girls do not like this thing that their partner is gossiping about her makeup, because girls love make-up, so if you say something wrong about her makeup, then understand that they are not liking it. This could also leads to your breakup. In such a way, when they make-up, you should praise them.

3. Lying:

Being truthful is the most important thing in a relationship. Lies are dangerous for any relationship, but many times you lie to keep the partner happy and then you get used to it. And someday if they com eto know about it then your relationship turns bitter.

4. Not taking her serioulsy:

When the girls are talking seriously on a topic and you do not take them seriously, then they feel very bad and they get annoyed with you. However, they never tell, but if you do so frequently, then your relationship may be in danger.

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naushin Ahmed
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