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Do you know in this place you can buy a girl for just Rs.100?

Do you know in this place you can buy a girl for just Rs.100?

Everything is possible in today’s world. Murder, rape, and other crimes are happening every day. But still, no proper actions are taken against them. You can’t even move out of your house safely.

As the world is developing, things are also getting advances. Yes! we have the freedom to do everything. But what kind of freedom is this? People nowadays are so frustrated that to satisfy their sexual needs they attempt to rape and then murder. Most of the people also visit red light areas.

In the open field of Delhi, illegal trade of sex is going on loudly. These women move from Haryana to Delhi to sell their body.

DDA has acquired several acres of land near the village of Bhorgarh in the outskirts of Delhi where these sex workers move around. Here is the ITI College nearby. The industrial area is nearby, where laborers work in a large number. Those laborers are trapped in their trap. By fulfilling their sexual needs, these girls fulfill their pockets.

You will be surprised to know that these women sell their body in just Rs. 100. Local people here have made this video themselves. Women engaged in this illegal business ran away from the camera, but they did not hesitate to even say that it is their need and in the compulsion, they do this work.

A woman told that if she gets any employment she will leave this job. The woman said her husband is not alive. He is engaged in this business to feed the two children.

One local said that for a long time these women have been engaged in this business, but neither the police nor the DDA is taking any action to stop this illegal business.

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