Do you know the reason behind why dogs always chase the cars?

Do you know the reason behind why dogs always chase the cars?

Many times you must have seen or felt that the dogs run very fast behind the moving cars. As soon as they see any moving cars, bikes or cycles, they follow them for a long distance. You must think why are they following your car? You will be surprised knowing the reason behind this.

Dogs do not run behind a car, bike or bicycle. His past is associated with it. Yes, such a thing of a dog is attached to it, which people do not know about. You can also understand that the dog who is considered loyal and clever. Today you will be shocked to know the reason.

Already Knows:

When the dogs run behind your moving car, sometimes it’s their love. They know you already and therefore they show their love. Until you disappear from their eyes, they keep running behind your vehicle.


Dogs love humans a lot. Many times it happens that some people who give food to dogs such as biscuits, Whenever the dogs see their car, they recognize it. They run behind them in the greed of the biscuit.

The bag full of stuff:

Dogs just do not run behind the car. They run as fast as possible behind the bicycle also. Many times when a rationing snack comes to your house, then the dog barks and runs behind it. This is just because they recognize it.

In Fun:

When a boy rides fast in front of a sleeping dog, the dog immediately rises up and runs behind him. Actually, that guy and dog play with each other.

The smell of Urine:

Dogs decide the scope of their terrain by urinating on the tires of vehicles. In such a case, when a car passes through the other neighborhood, then the dog gets the smell of his urine and he starts running after the vehicle.

They are sad:

Sometimes on the road and sometimes in the neighborhood, dogs come under the car and they die. In this case, whenever they see the same color car or the same car, they run away in anger.

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