Do you know these amazing health benefits of eating green chilies?

Eating green chilly has many advantages. Your face and stomach is clean .

Many people love eating green chilies with their food, usually it is thought that tart or spicy food is not good, but green chillies in the kitchen not only increase the taste of food but also have many health benefits. Many people make distances from eating it due to its spicy taste, but after knowing its benefits you will also start eating it.

Green chilli is beneficial compared to red chillies.

Green chillies contain many nutrients such as Vitamin A, B6, C, Iron, Copper, Potassium, Protein and Carbohydrate. Not only this, health items like beta carotene, creptoxanthin, leuten-jackson, etc. are also present.

Keep Diabetes in control:

Those who are suffering from diabetes, they must include chilies in their diet. Consumption of green chilli, works to control the level of sugar in the body besides balancing it.

Beneficial for skin :

There are lots of vitamins available in green chillies, which are beneficial for skin. If you eat green chillies, then your skin gets nourished and glow..

Helpful in Sinus:

Mixing a teaspoon of green fresh pepper juice in honey and eating empty stomach gives relief to asthma patients. Try this recipe for 10 days. Capsaicin is present in green chillies, in addition to relieving the problem of hemorrhoid in the summer it also relieves the problem of sinus in winter.

Good for digestive system:

Eating green chillies improves the process of your digestive system. Vitamin C contained in it works to make saliva in the body after eating, which makes the food better digested.

Avoid Bacterial Infection:

Green chilly contains anti-bacterial properties, which keep the infection away. That’s why eating green chillies will not cause skin diseases due to any infection.

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