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Do you know these myths related to reducing stress?

Do you know these myths related to reducing stress?

Stress is the biggest problem that we all are facing these days. Due to unhealthy lifestyle and food addiction, especially youngsters are affected by this problem. Stress leads to many health problems and diseases. Many research studies, statistics and scientific evidence have also revealed that due to stress, people become victims of psychological and physical disorders.

Usually, many people think that the effects of stress only give depression, such as depression and nervousness. However, it also has a great effect on physical health, such as obesity, digestive tract, lack of immunity, and even some types of cancer. So it is very important that we should try to overcome stress and avoid it.

You must have heard about many methods and measures to reduce stress, but these are not at all effective. Even many of these tips are false, which makes the level of stress even worse.

So let’s know about the delusions that make the situation of stress even worse.

Paying attention to TV:

Whenever we feel sad, or want to ignore anyone, we take the help of television. We think that this will help in reducing the stress. Well, to reduce the stress, you should distribute your attention but not so. It’s right to do any work or exercise you like. Watching a TV can make the person lazy and looser, due to which his/her mind does not work, and due to increasing work, the stress becomes more. This is also a waste of time.

Thinking about bad memories:

When you take too much stress about a situation, it starts to cause restlessness and confusion. In such a situation, you should sit back and analyze the situation. Thinking about its advantages and disadvantages, you can find a right solution for it. Though, thinking about such things repeatedly increases tensions and your situation gets worse.

Eating food:

Sometimes things like pizza, chocolate or chips etc. are eaten. If you are in stress then you feel better with such things but all this happens for a while because it increases the endorphin hormone in the brain. However, in the future, it has the opposite effect, because this type of food doubles the stress. This type of food increases the level of hormones called cortisol, which is a stress hormone in the body.


Research has also revealed that most people make excuses to smoke cigarettes to reduce stress. They feel that this will cure their stress. However, we all know that by smoking cigarettes, the body and mind are just harmed. It increases the level of the cortisol hormone, causing the situation to worsen. Apart from this, it also has many negative effects on health.

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