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Do you know these Zero figure and post pregnancy health secrets of Kareena?

Do you know these Zero figure and post pregnancy health secrets of Kareena?

If someone advises us about diet or fitness, then we never follow it until we see any person who himself is fit. If you also want to make someone your role model with diet and fitness, you can consider Bollywood diva Kareena Kapoor.

Kareena is much more than Bollywood’s beautiful and hot actress. She surprised everyone with her zero figure but behind this Kareena also had a disciplined life and a lot of workouts to get a zero figure.

Even after pregnancy, Kareena has reduced weight, she is not less than an inspiration for all of us. Kareena not only reduced her weight after the birth of Taimur but also worked hard to get back her hot body. Kareena follows strict diets and her nutritionist and dietician is Rujuta Divekar. Recently, Kareena Kapoor’s nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar. reveals the benefits of having ABC Juice.

Kareena’s fitness trainer and Pilates expert Namrata Purohit teaches her to always stay fit. Kareena always takes a healthy diet and after pregnancy, she has really worked hard at the gym to get her body in shape. Today we are going to tell you about some of Kareena Kapoor’s habits that helped Kareena get in the shape after pregnancy. You can also take inspiration from her.

Do not do the crash diet, eat healthy and light:

This rule is most important for reducing weight. Crash diet can be dangerous and because of this, you may fall prey to illness like thyroid etc. That’s because crash diets decrease calorie intake and this reduces body’s metabolism. To reduce weight, you also have to make your bone and muscle density and if you have low bone and muscle density you will look very thin. Therefore, to reduce weight, eat healthily like Kareena.

Eat seasonal fruits and soaked nuts after 15 minutes of waking up:

Seasonal fruit like Mosambi and dry fruits are better. After 15 minutes of rising in the morning eat dry fruits. This helps to increase the sugar level in the body in general. When you eat fruits after the food they take time to digest which leads to different problems like indigestion heartburn.

Do cardio at least one hour in the gym:

You also know very well, If there is no pain there is no gain. Kareena really works hard on her body, therefore she is so fit. Kareena does cardio, dance and yoga. She workout at the gym for at least one to two hours. Her cardio includes running, biking and swimming.

Taking protein after the workout having breakfast at home:

When you are trying to reduce weight, you must follow strict food habits. You should have breakfast in 90 minutes of eating fruit or nuts. Homemade breakfast is better and you can also add ghee to it. You can eat whole grains parathas, Whole wheat bread, cheese, muesli, milk or soy milk etc.

Keep Snack Time Healthy:

Kareena Eats Light and Less To maintain energy throughout the day, she takes light diets every three hours. Nuts, coconut water,  and soy milk are loved by Kareena. You can also take a brown bread sandwich.

Take Brown Rice and keep high protein with it:

To reduce weight, many women stop consuming rice because it contains carbohydrate which increases the weight, but Kareena dietician told her that she can eat rice once or twice a week because brown rice has the power to bring good bacteria, so after pregnancy, it is required. Two hours after taking the snack in the morning, Kareena takes rice or roti, vegetable or lentils, salads and yogurt for lunch.

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