Do you know which part of the body does not get burn in the fire?

There are many religions in our country, each religion has its own rituals and prayers. When a person dies some people bury them in the ground and some are flown into the river. Similarly, after the death of somebody in Hinduism, they are burn, after which his bones flow in a holy river. By doing so according to Hindu scriptures, he attains liberation.

body parts which are not destroyed after burning
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But today we will tell you a story related to this funeral which you hardly know. After knowing this strange thing, you will also be forced to think about how this can happen?

Today we are going to tell you about the body parts which are not destroyed after burning.

body parts which are not destroyed after burning

Let us tell you that you will find the answer to this question in the scriptures, but you will never have noticed it.

Let us tell you that the answer to this question is ‘nail’. Nails are a part of our body that does not burn in the fire. And with the bones, nails are also flown in the holy river.

You must be thinking why this happens? It is so because it is said that the nails and hair of the person’s body continue to grow even after the person dies. Although it has not yet been fully certified. But it is believed that because nails and hair are made up of dead cells, due to which they also grow after the death of human beings.

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