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Don’t get time to take care of yourself? Health fitness tips for busy people.

Don’t get time to take care of yourself? Health fitness tips for busy people.

You must have heard this proverb ‘Health Is Wealth.’ But in today’s scenario, this thing has remained only as a proverb. In this period of competition, we are running rushing behind success and are becoming careless towards our health.

We have a habit of staying awake till late at night, using mobile phones continuously for 9-12 hrs and we sleep just for 4-5 hours. All these routines have gradually become part of the lifestyle of many people. This routine is unknowingly making us sick and we are not paying attention to this side at all. Health is very important.

Check the food plate:

Well if you really want to be healthy, then you first have to pay attention to your diet. You have to consume adequate amounts of protein, carbohydrate, calcium and other essential elements throughout the day, which keep you fit as it will keep energizing throughout the day. Consume fiber-rich foods, add green vegetables, lentils, fruits, dried fruits and healthy snacks to your diet. Stay away from more carbohydrate food. Drink green tea instead of caffeine.

TV and workout:

If you can only take time to watch TV from your busy schedule, here you can work out while watching TV. You can stretch or do squats. Then run on the treadmill. You can also do the crunches. Instead of becoming a ‘couch potato’  you can spend that energy on your health.

Technology help:

In todays time, all are dependent on the mobile phone. Online shopping or online ordering. Why not even get used to online fitness? You don’t have to do anything for this. Just download the fitness application on the phone, through these applications, you can keep a record of the calories and nutrients taken daily. Along with this, these applications will keep you guide from time to time to see what exercises and diet need to be done to keep you fit.

Take sufficient sleep:

Due to incomplete sleep body and brain becomes lazy and we lose concentration. To stay healthy requires sleep 7 to 8 hours.

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