Exhibition that displays the rape victim’s clothes to end Victim Blaming.

An exhibition that displays the clothes of rape victim’s to end Victim Blaming.

If there is a rape incident with a woman, the first question people ask is about her clothes, what she was wearing when she got raped? They judge the incident based on the clothes.

The clothes of the girl are considered to be the reason behind the rape and the culprits are roaming free. Actually, the rapist is not excited by seeing any woman’s clothes, this is just a result of a horrific mentality.

In order to prove this true, an exhibition was set up in Brussels where clothes of rape victims were kept which they were wearing during the rape.

This project was organized by the students of Kansas University.

In this exhibition, garments of rape victims were kept with this tag – what were you wearing? These clothes hanging on the panels in the room included pajamas, bathing suits, a child’s school uniform and even the police uniform.

In the exhibition, there was a wall which was dedicated to the clothing of a woman who was not raped once but thrice. Apart from this, there was another wall, which had an outfit hanging, that a woman wore herself three times at the time of sexual harassment.

Victims said that they are often asked, “What were you wearing”? After an attack.

The motive behind this initiative was to stop blaming victims for how they dress.

This Exhibition took place only for a few days. This exhibition gave a strong message to all the people who thinks that rape is done just because of wearing certain types of clothes. Seeing these clothes, you will also think that such a painful incident can happen anywhere, with anyone.

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