From Hollywood celebrities to Bollywood, Barbie Feet is the new trend taking over Instagram.

From Hollywood celebrities to Bollywood, Barbie Feet is the new trend taking over Instagram.

These days, in social media, Hollywood actresses, are seen exposing toned legs. In photos, she is seen posing her legs differently and exposing them. Especially in the swimsuit. In fact, there is a new trend in the social media running ‘Barbie Feet’. In which the motive is to show the world’s most beautiful and stylish dolls,  their toned and beautiful legs.

Hollywood’s Famous Celebrities is sharing photos in this pose. Such pictures are being taken under this trend, focus on the feet. Especially people are putting photos of their feet in which they are focusing on the claws.

The length of the feet seems to be longer, the girls hard times to look slimmer.

Let’s know what is ‘Barbie Feet’.

This term was first introduced by the online fashion website- Who, What, Wear. Girls have to stand like Barbie for this pose. The Barbie Doll has to stand with the support of the toes, showing the toned legs.

Girls are very fond of this pose because the legs are seen to be much longer. The entire focus of the photo is on the legs. This is the reason why one after another Hollywood celebrity in social media is sharing photos in this pose at Swimsuit in this pose. In Bollywood too, this pose is getting crazy.

Hollywood Celebrities are also getting crazy:

From Hollywood star Kim Kardashian, Kendal Jenner and Bella Hadid, all have shared their photos posing in ‘Barbie Feet’. Apart from this, Victoria Secret Models has recently joined the list. Everyone is following this trend.

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