You dont need visa to visit these countries.

Good news for Indians! You dont need visa to visit these countries.

In addition to Nepal and Bhutan, you can now enjoy walking around these countries with your family without visa.

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Whenever we think of going to another country, then there rules stop us from going there. This is because in every country there is a visa and there is a different rule of visa applied in all the countries. Many people, even after having time and money, are not able to visit that country.

Being an Indian if we ask, which countries we you will definitely take the name of Nepal and Bhutan. If we say that apart from this there are many countries where you can go without a visa, then your reaction would be what?

There is a good news for Indians. You can visit these countries without a visa.

Apart from Nepal and Bhutan, now you can travel around these countries with your family without a visa. Gift a memorable trip to your family on this summer season. Now you don’t have to buy a visa, just book your tickets and you are done.


It is basically a country of South Pacific Ocean. People of India can stay here for 6 months without visa, but the entry will require a passport.

Trinidad and Tobaco:

In this country of the Caribbean Sea many people of Indian origin can live for 6 months without visa. Provided that your passport’s validity should be valid for next 3 months.


This country is settled on the West Coast of Africa. Here people of India can stay for 90 days without visa, but they must have the validity of their passport.

Saint Kitts and Nevis:

In this country, Indians have been allowed to stay without a visa for 30 days. They should have a passport. It is located between the Caribbean and the Atlantic Ocean.


This is the island country in the West Pacific Ocean. Here, people of India can stay for 30 days without visa, but a passport is necessary to go here too.


Indians are allowed to stay in Mauritius for up to 60 days. Your passport should be valid and it is a very popular place among Indian tourists.


Macao is also a very famous country for Indians. People of India can stay for 30 days without visa but their passport must be valid.


In this country of the Caribbean Sea, Indians can live without any visa for 14 days.

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