Have you ever wondered what your shoe size reveals about your personality?

Have you ever wondered what your shoe size reveals about your personality?

Your life can be predicted on the basis of the size of your feet. Many psychological tests can reveal a person’s personality. Today, we are going to tell you how you can know about the person’s personality by looking at the size of their foot.

According to the psychological test, our personality can also be detected by our physical structure. The size of shoes can also speak about a person’s behavior. These predictions are based on the US shoe size.

5 or lesser size:

If your shoe size is 5 or less, then your heart is very big. You love everyone and keep people around you happy. You believe in spending a better time than showing off.

People with number 6:

People with the shoe size 6 are friendly and they keep others happy. They make friends wherever they go. They make room in everyone’s heart. Their kind and loving nature make them popular among others. On the other hand, they are very adaptable, kind and generous.

People with Shoe size 7:

People with shoe size 7 are eager to do every work. They are very knowledgeable and know their value. On the other hand, the works which they are not interested in doing, they do not hesitate to refuse them.

People with shoe size 8:

People who have shoe size 8  keep others very happy. They do not feel scared to face challenges and difficulties in their lives. Apart from this, they take difficulties like a challenge. For them, the life without challenge is boring.

Number 9:

Those who have their shoes number 9 are full of confidence. They know what they really want in their life. They do not care about people’s criticism or things. Apart from this, they do not interfere in other’s issues.

10 number:

These people do not like being under anyone’s control.They prefer to be self-sufficient. On the other hand, they like to take opinions from people.

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