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Health benefits of eating soaked methi seeds.

Amazing Health benefits of eating soaked methi seeds in Morning.

Fenugreek seeds are mostly used for cooking food. It is often present in everyone’s kitchen. Fenugreek has many benefits. And since ancient times fenugreek is being used in Ayurveda. Soaking the fenugreek seeds at night, chewing and eating in an empty stomach in the morning and drinking leftover water helps in curing many health problems.

There are many types of properties and nutrients found in fenugreek. Such as carotene, copper, zinc, sodium, folic acid and magnesium etc.

Fenugreek treats many diseases in addition to weight loss and purification of blood. So let’s know the advantages of fenugreek seeds.

For blood pressure:

Those who are suffering from high blood pressure, fenugreek is very beneficial for them. If they soak soya and fenugreek at night and drink 5 grams of quantity in both the morning and evening the next day, it helps in proper blood circulation and the problem of high blood pressure gets cured.

Increases the sperm count:

Regular eating of fenugreek granules eliminates the problem of infertility in men. Sperm count and quality also gets improved.

Gastric problem:

Fenugreek seeds keep the toxin out of the body and keep the kidneys healthy. Apart from this, it also removes gastric problems such as burning and acidity.

Weight loss:

If you consume the soaked water of fenugreek in the morning, then it will help in decreasing the weight and you will not get any kind of disease. It keeps you free from diseases.

Hemorrhoid (PILES):

The hemorrhoid is a serious disease. By which the patient suffers from lots of problems in getting rid of this disease. You must soak fenugreek and soya in the night and then grind them in the morning and drink its juice. This will help you to cure the problem of hemorrhoids.

Controls sugar:

Fenugreek also helps in curing blood sugar and diabetes.

Good for skin and hair:

If you have problems of acne and you are also having hair fall, then soak the fenugreek seeds and make a paste. Apply it to your hairs. This will make the hair strong and shiny. By eating fenugreek seeds in empty stomach removes all acne and pimples.

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