identifying fake job offers
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Ways which will help you in identifying fake job offers

In the present time the Internet is the solution to all the problems and queries. You can use the internet for information, knowledge, entertainment, booking tickets, playing games, etc. The Internet is also helpful in getting jobs. Many websites provide jobs like Indeed,, etc. Sometimes, hackers put fake job links, and when you click on them, they get access to a device, and they can also misuse it. Here I will discuss some ways which will help you in identifying fake job offers.

1.Fraud Job emails

The fraud job emails do not have proper details about the job role, Salary, etc. They do not have a proper address, and you will also find many grammatical mistakes in the mail. So when you receive such a type of mail, you must read it properly before taking any steps.

2.Company never ask for money

Fake companies call you and ask for money to provide you a job because any genuine company will not ask for money to give you a job. One more thing, any reputed company does not call its employees directly.

3.So many vacancies

In a fake job offer, you will find many vacancies from white-collar to helping staff. But in reality, any company will not release such a large vacancy at one time.

4.Spam folder

You will generally find the fake job offer in the spam folder of the mail because these emails were sent in bulk to many people.

5.Improper email address

The fake job offers have an improper email id—for example, One more thing, any genuine company will never use an email service to send a job offer to anyone.

6.Wrong address

The fake job offer will not have anything proper. You will find that they have improper mail id, job profile, lots of grammar problems, and the company’s address is also wrong. So you must check it before applying.

7.Personal information

The fake job calls will ask you for personal information like date of birth, your address, passwords, etc. The real companies will also ask for some personal data but only after the selection.

8.High Salary

The salary package in fake job offers will be very high. The fake mails offer RS 8 lakh per annum for the post of computer operator in a shop, which is technically impossible.

So you must check all these points before applying anywhere for the job. You must check the company background, website address, contact information, etc. One more thing, you must not click on any pop-up regarding jobs.