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If you also have a habit of eating snacks with alcohol then change it, Its dangerous!

If you have a habit of eating snacks with alcohol then change it, It’s dangerous!

In today’s rapidly changing times, human beings are becoming a victim of depression and tension very soon. To avoid this, some people use alcohol to get rid of it. Almost every second man consumes alcohol in today’s time. If the consumption of alcohol is done in the average quantity, then there is no bad effect on the body, but if someone starts consuming it regularly, then it is very harmful to the body.

Salads are good with alcohol:

You may have noticed that when people plan to drink alcohol, they bring lots of things to eat with it. Some people bring gram, fruit, salad, peanut, curd, chicken and other things. As far as salads are concerned, it is considered to be the best with alcohol, but other things that we take with alcohol have a bad effect on the body. Many times it is so bad that you can not even think.

Today we are going to tell you about the adverse effects of eating these snacks with alcohol.

You shouldn’t eat these things with alcohol:

1. Most people like to eat peanuts or fried cashew nuts while having alcohol, but you must be surprised to know that these things should not be taken with alcohol. Let us tell you that all these things contain a very high amount of cholesterol which acts to reduce our appetite. This also weakens digestion.

2. Whenever you drink alcohol, keep one thing in mind that never take alcohol with the cold drink. Both things reduce the amount of body water. Instead of the cold drink, you can use water or ice.

3. Some people have a habit of eating chips with alcohol. This is eaten in large quantity because it is delicious in taste and cheap too. Because of its good taste many times people drink more alcohol, so avoid having too much-fried chips while drinking.

4. Some people also eat milk products such as food made of curd, cottage cheese with alcohol. If you have this habit then change it, because milk products take much time to digest.

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