In this Country female employees have to take permission from their boss before conceiving.

In this Country female employees have to take permission from their boss before conceiving.

Japan’s population has been consistently decreasing in recent times whose direct impact is on the work of the companies here. Due to an increasing workload, women often leave their job after becoming a mother.

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In view of this, many Japanese companies are directing their women employees that they will have to take permission from their boss before getting married and becoming a mother. For this, companies are mapping their women employees from marriage to pregnancy.

Here, ‘out of turn’ means that being pregnant before their turn is equal to breaking the rules.

This is how it came into notice:

The news came to notice when a woman got pregnant and her boss got annoyed because she got pregnant without his permission. According to the rules of this company, any female employee will have to take permission from the boss to get married or to be pregnant. There is also an undisclosed rule in that the junior members will not marry or be pregnant before the senior member of the staff.

When a female employee becomes ‘out of turn’ pregnant before her turn then the woman has to listen to taunts every day by their boss. It is being told that she has broken the company’s rule. Boss used to harass the woman every day when she was pregnant. The matter came into light when her husband filed a case.

Mapping of Marriage and Children:

The 26-year-old girl working in a cosmetic company in Mitaka, Tokyo, said, ‘The company sent an e-mail to the unmarried and married women employees working here. It was mapped to marriage and child. In it, all were told according to the age of who to marry when and when to get pregnant’. ‘Not only this, in one case, the boss had told the female employee that she should not get pregnant before the age of 35.

Japan behind gender equality:

Actually, the decreasing population in Japan and the increased workload is a problem, apart from this, Japan is lagging behind in gender equality compared to other countries. In 2017, Japan ranked 114 in the list of 144 countries based on the gender equality of the World Economic Forum. Let the world economic forum measure equality by analyzing women’s involvement in politics, education, economy, and health worldwide. It may be that, for women’s empowerment, the Japanese companies are using these rules to increase the role of women in the country.

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