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Marco Melgrati illustrations reflect the shocking reality of this modern society.

Marco Melgrati illustrations reflect the shocking reality of this modern society.

Did you ever think that if there was no internet, then how would this world be? Nowadays people are completely dependent on the Internet for everything. They use to update each and everything on the Internet.

Today there is no innocence left in anyone. Because of the Internet, we did not get time to spend with our loved ones. But today social media plays a vital role in our life. It is a platform where we can make new friends or get in touch with all our loved ones but it has many sides effects too.

Today people just think of themselves. There is no humanity left in anyone. Marco Melgrati describes everything in his illustrations. These pictures will make you think twice.

Money is honey:

Today almost everything can be purchased with money. If you have money then maybe you can get your love too.

World of showoff:

This world has now become a show-off. Whatever is happening in our real life,  we do not forget to update our fake happiness and good looks on social media. This has become our compulsion.

Effect of Inflation:

Only middle-class and lower class people are affected by inflation. Even though science has made a lot of progress, even today when some people have to treat a major disease, even their lifetime savings is not enough.

Ego destroys people:

The reason behind people who become unsuccessful is their ego. A recent example of this is Kapil Sharma, who you can imagine as chicken in this image.

Who has seen tomorrow?

Humans consider themselves the most powerful animal on Earth today. But no one has seen tomorrow. Maybe tomorrow someone comes as the most powerful creature and make us their slave tomorrow.

Maximum Like Competition:

On social media, the person earns only one thing by spending his day and night and the thing is Lyrics. Today, they have also got a shortcut to earn the likes.

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