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Meet the first humanoid Robot who speaks Hindi as well as Bhojpuri and Marathi.

Meet the first humanoid Robot who speaks Hindi as well as Bhojpuri and Marathi.

India has always been a guru in innovation. We have a habit of moving step by step with the technology. As soon as Sofia Robot became famous, India also made the world’s first Hindi-speaking robot.


From the name of this robot to the style, this robot has everything Desi. Rashmi is the name of this amazing robot who understands and speaks Hindi as well as other regional languages of India along with Hindi.

This robot has many such specialties, which can make her become India’s Technical Future. Knowing the full story of Rashmi, Every Indian will feel proud. Who made Rashmi? What are the qualities in it? Let’s know everything.

This man made this robot:

The credit for making the world’s first Hindi-speaking robot goes to Ranjit Srivastava, a resident of Jharkhand’s capital Ranchi. The 38-year-old graduate from Ranjit Management. According to Ranjit, he wanted to show the world that India is not less than anyone. With this intention, he decided to make Rashmi.

Humanoid Robot:

Like the Sofia, who is onsidered to be the world’s most intelligent robot, Rashmi is also a Humanoid Robot. It is designed with the help of Artificial Intelligence, Linguistic Interpretation, Visual Data and Facial Recognition System. Because of which Rashmi is able to understand emotions, recognize faces and speak different languages.

She can speak these languages:

One of the main specialty of this Indian Robot Rashmi is her language knowledge. Rashmi can speak Hindi and English as well as  Marathi and Bhojpuri. She does not answer the word just by listening to the word but gives an answer by understanding the meaning of the hidden feelings behind words.

Cost incurred:

Credits: Hindustan Times

According to Ranjit, it took about two years to make Rashmi and so far 50 thousand rupees have been spent. This robot can move her face, eyes, lips, and eyebrows. At the same time, she also moves her neck during the conversation.

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