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Meet Yash Shah, the Rubber boy of India. He can rotate his head by 180 degrees.

Meet Yash Shah, the Rubber boy of India. He can rotate his head by 180 degrees.

Everyone calls Gujarat’s Yash Shah as a rubber boy, because of the flexibility of his body. Yash’s body has a flexibility like a rubber, because of which he can rotate his body in 180 degrees without any difficulty.

Not only that, he also turns his hands and feet to 360 degrees. The role model of Surat’s successor is Daniel Browning Smith from US (who can cringe his body in any way).

Only after watching Daniel’s show on TV, Yash decided to learn the art of turning the body like a rubber.

Yash has been practicing his body folding like his role model from last two and a half years. Yash has carefully examined these videos by watching YouTube videos. Yash has won the title of India’s most flexible person. Although this title is in the name of Jaspreet Singh, 17. Yash wants to break the National Record of Hyper Flexibility of Jaspreet Singh. At the same time, he also dreams to break the record of his role model Daniel.

‘I’m capable of rotating my head by 180 degrees and look backward. I can rotate both my hands and legs by 360 degrees and can move my shoulders at any angle.” Yash said.

‘I can rotate my torso by 180 degrees. Also, I can I can bend my fingers backwards up to 180 degrees.’

Yash said: ‘I started practicing contortion skills after watching his videos on YouTube. I started following him the moment I saw his acts.

‘I never had any coach to help me practice. I learned everything on my own while watching videos on Youtube. ‘I have never had any injury while performing these acts. I know how to control my body and protect myself from any injury.’

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