Michael Jackson bought his house for 1.95 crore dollar. Its the most beautiful and luxurious.

Michael Jackson’s house is the most beautiful and luxurious. He bought it for 1.95 crore dollar.

Michael Jackson, who is known as the ‘King of Pop’, has said goodbye to the world, but in the hearts of people, he still rules. People around the world are passionate about his dance and songs. Michael was born on August 29, in the United States of Indiana.

Michael Jackson's house

At an early age, Michael said goodbye to the world. He breathes his last in Los Angeles on June 25, 2009. Even today, it is a mystery of his sudden demise. His memories are in every corner of his house.

Michael Jackson's house, Michael Jackson's Home

The home of Michael Jackson is very luxurious and beautiful. His royal bungalow is spread over 2,700 acres in Los Olivos, about 40 km from Santa Barbara.

He bought this house for $ 1.95 million in 1987. His house is named ‘Neverland Ranch’. It is made in the ‘French Normandy’ style, which has 22 buildings.

There are six bedrooms, two guesthouses and a small church in the house. The premises also has a 50-seat cinema.

Apart from this, there are separate quarters for the servants. It has 4 acres of small lake and waterfalls. At the same time, it also has 5500 square feet theater and stage.

Michael Jackson's house

According to media reports, Michael took this property in a loan, which he could not repay on time. According to reports, in 2008, Michael was having a loan of 1 billion to pay for the property, which he could not pay. After his demise in 2009, the colony capital purchased this house for 1.5 billion rupees. This house is empty at this time. After the pop king’s demise in 2009, no one is able to buy the house.

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