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More than 100 Tapeworm eggs found in the brain of 8 years old child.

More than 100 Tapeworm eggs found in the brain of 8 years old child. Know what is Tapeworm!

A very shocking case has emerged in Gurugram, adjacent to Delhi. Here, an 8-year-old girl was found with more than 100 eggs of tapeworm. It is reported that the child was complaining of a headache for 6 months and due to her pain, she also started getting seizures.

Initial investigations revealed that there is a cyst in her. Due to which the baby is having swelling in the brain.

The matter became even more serious when this girl got into trouble breathing. After which the city scan was done, the report found that there are more than 100 cysts in the baby’s brain. After looking carefully, the doctor understood that these are tapeworm eggs. This disease is called neurocysticercosis.

After this, doctors operated her brain. After removing these tapeworm membranes, the news confirmed that the condition of the child is improved.

Let’s know what is tapeworm and how it reaches the body, and especially in the rainy season why it is necessary to prevent it?

What is tapeworm? Tapeworm is a parasite. It relies on others for its nutrition. More than 5000 species of this are found. It can range from 1 mm to 15 meters. Due to a lack of digestive system in its body, it only takes digested food.

Tapeworm is usually found in animal feces. It reaches the ground with rainwater and then goes through the raw vegetables in the stomach of humans. They reach the brain through the stomach and through the blood to the nervous system.

Because of which the patient begins to face epilepsy. In some cases, due to this spinal cord i.e. spine, people have to face difficulties in walking.

How does it reach the body?

Tapeworm can easily reach the body due to contaminated and uncleaned food, vegetables and meat. Avoid eating such vegetables especially in the rainy days. Apart from this, it also spreads easily with dirty water and vegetables grown in soil. People who eat pork more than others are more likely to be tapped. Vegetables like spinach and cabbage have a high risk of its spread.


If someone is often suffering from a headache, then meet the neurologist. Apart from this, symptoms like:

Abdominal pain, loss of appetite or weakness, sudden weight gain, and lack of blood sugar are also seen.


  • Wash vegetables properly. Avoid eating salads and raw vegetables especially in rainy season.
  • Avoid eating contaminated meat and semi-finned fish.
  • Use filter water. – If possible, in the rainy season, boil water and drink only after cooling.
  • Avoid walking barefoot.

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