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Now BHU and IIT will train its Students to become a perfect daughter-in-law.

Now BHU and IIT will train its Students to become a perfect daughter-in-law.

It is said that every person should learn certain things in life. As every person should know how to do some of the small things in his life. If you are relying on others for the small things then it is very bad. For this reason, children are told from childhood about some things. But recently a shocking case has come to light, which will leave you surprised.

Will have to pass the tough test:

You know what is the place of IIT in India. In terms of technical education, IIT is the number one institution in India. Every student in engineering has the dream of getting an education from IIT. But everyone’s dream is not fulfilled. To get into the IIT, every student has to undergo a difficult test, which all people can not pass. However, today we are not going to tell you how to enter IIT. Today we are going to tell you about the IIT course.

Training will take place before becoming a daughter-in-law:

You must have heard or read about a variety of courses, but have you ever heard of any course before becoming a daughter-in-law, perhaps you will not hear it. but it’s true. For this, BHU-IIT has first started its initiative. Now before becoming a daughter-in-law, the student will be prepared and trained.

Many organizations have taken initiative for this special course. Every parent wants a successful career of their child by having a good education before their child marriage. Later, she spent her successful life with full confidence in her in-law’s house.

The course titled-  ‘Daughters’ Pride — Beti Mera Abhimaan’ has been initiated by Young Skilled India Start-Up which is incubated with the Malviya Nav Parivartan Kendra of IIT-BHU.

The CEO of the ‘Young Skilled India’, Neeraj Srivastava said:  “Young girls on the verge of marriage are often saddled with complexes which makes it difficult for them to adjust in a new household. This course teaches them how to make adjustments and deal with situations that emerge after marriage.”

Counselors address queries girls may have regarding marriage, balancing marriage and career, and avoiding clashes in the family. “The way in which we have worked out the syllabus will help the brides-to-be to become confident of a new life that often changes life completely for them. There is the flexibility of syllabus and we will address those issues that trouble the students more. The brides, on one hand, have to build up a relationship with the husband and, on the other, adjust to multiple relationships in the new environment,” said Srivastava.

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