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Now you won’t be able to take these 7 things in flight. Know before you travel.

Now you won’t be able to take these 7 things in flight. Know before you travel.

Many people dream of traveling on flights. Whereas for other people it’s a normal thing. They travel daily or once a month for their meeting or other functions but for others, it’s like a dream.

Although now it has become very cheap to travel on the flight, the people of the middle-class family can still fulfill the needs of their family but would not prefer travelling in flight.

Well, if you also travel in the flight frequently, then you should read our entire article. This is because from now onwards you won’t be able to take these 7 things with you in flight.

Passengers traveling in airplanes will now have to keep their purse, mobile, charger and other essential items in a separate bag. This is because these things will be examined separately on screen at the airport. Let us tell you that earlier only the laptops and tablets were kept in the tray for screening and they were checked, but now small things will also be examined.

If you are found with a different size of a pen, then it will also be examined because the knife has been found hidden in such cases. Before you travel on the flight, you have to find out which goods you should carry with you and which you should not.

Do not keep items like any kind of weapon, lighters, blades, scissors, poisonous radioactive and explosive materials at all. Similarly, if you are traveling with a child, then you have to keep your child’s birth certificate too.

Today we will give information about the things that you can not take during the journey to the airplane. If you do not follow these rules, then you might face problems at the airport.

1. Personal items not allowed: like lighter, metal scissor arms like toys.

2. Sharp things like a box cutter, ice axe, any kind of knife, razor type blade, etc are strictly not allowed.

3. Sports things like Baseball Bat, Arrow Bow, Cricket Bat, Golf Clubs, Hockey Sticks, spear guns, etc.

4. These weapons are also banned: Pistol, gun lighters, gunpowder, Airguns any kind of weapon, starter pistol, etc

5. These tools are also not allowed: drill, hammer, screwdriver, saw etc.

6. Flammable things like aerosol, fuel, gasoline, gas torch, lighter fluids, matches, paint thinner are also not allowed

7. These chemicals are also not allowed: Chlorine, compressed gas cylinders, liquid bleach, spray paint, tear gas etc.

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