Office or Home. Know where women are happier.

Recently, a study was done by Penn State University, which says that people are particularly happy at their workplaces compared to home. One of the major reasons for this can be that women are under more pressure at home than in the office. But despite all these, everyone waits to go home after office.

Motive of this study:

A total of 122 people were included in this study lasted for a week. During this time, the cortisol of these people, known as stress hormones, was collected and then tested. The results of the investigation were different for both men and women. It is found that unlike the results of women, men are more happy at home.

Study Revealed:

Despite the different social and economic backgrounds, the results of this study are almost identical. There was also equality in all of them that stress in these people is less during the weekend. This research also showed that job satisfaction is also a major factor in their happiness.

Why women are more happy?

Actually, even if the men are not satisfied with the job, they are engaged in that work and on the other hand, if women are not happy with their work, then they attempt to quit the job. In this study, it also came to know that those working women live in low tension, whose children are there. According to the study, women are able to reduce their stress because of their children. In the home, women have to work a lot and at the same time they have to do the same work in the office, because of this, their stress level in the office remains low. 

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