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On the first day of his job, he walked 14 miles to the office, Boss gifted his car.

On the first day of his job, he walked 14 miles to the office, Boss gifted his car.

It is well said, if you want to make success in your career or want to touch the sky, then you have to be very dedicated and motivated towards your work. Hard work pays off. Walter Carr, a 20-year-old Alabama resident, has presented an example of great passion for work.

He did not want to get late to the office on his first day, so Walter Carr left the house for office at night only. The office was about 14 miles i.e. 32 kilometers from his home. But on the way, his car broke down.

This was Walter Carr’s first job, so he did not want to reach late. He walked on his foot to reach the office, but Walter did not know that this journey would be a memorable journey for him.

When the company CEO came to know about his dedication, he gifted him with something special.

He walked 14 miles

America’s 20-year-old Walter Carr, who lives in Alabama, had to join his first job. He did not want to reach the office late on the very first day. But his car broke down.

In such a case, Walter decided to go walking. On the way, Carr demanded the help of taxi and lift but no one helped him, then Carr decided to walk. He walked around 14 miles i.e. 32 kilometers a night.

A policeman helped him:

After completing 23 kilometers, when Walter was tired, he sat on a ground and at the same time, the police who was doing patrolling asked Walter the reason. Walter said all the things. Seeing his dedication, the police was also impressed with him. Then a policeman dropped him into his office and gave him breakfast. He was also very impressed with Walter’s story and shared his story on Facebook.

CEO gave his car:

When Walter’s company CEO Luke Marcin get to know, he was impressed with Walter and when Walter did not have a car to go back to his home, CEO gifted his car to Walter. He said that such employees are rare. But those who show such dedication, they must definitely be respected. Such employees work as role models for everyone.

Walter’s house destroyed by storm:

Walter Carr, said ‘I am very devoted to my work, I highly respect both of the time and work. My story is just that I want to get to work on time and I am very devoted to my work. I did not ever think that my story would reach the world. ‘ Walter’s house was destroyed in Hurricane Katrina a few years ago. After this, he settled with his mother in Alabama. He wants to join the US Navy.

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