Aakash Ambani and Shloka Mehta

4 shocking things that happened in Aakash Ambani and Shloka Mehta wedding.

Do you know, In the wedding Barati’s were Bollywood celebrities and foreign VIP guests came to bless the newly weded couple? It seems that its the wedding year in the Ambani family. After Isha Ambani, Mukesh’s son, Akash Ambani, tied the knot with Shloka Mehta on 9th March. Well, who does not know about Ambani’s […]


These 4 Zodiac signs have a bad Attitude. Are you included in this list?

Be Careful of these zodiac sign! They are full of Attitude. You must have come across some people or even your close friends who are full of attitude. This might be rooted to their zodiac signs. Because of their arrogant nature, people sometimes gets pissed off with them. Let us tell you, all 12 zodiacs […]

Shahid Afridi supports Imran Khan after Pulwama Attack

Shahid Afridi supports Imran Khan after Pulwama Attack, and is proud of Pakistan Air Force.

Shahid Afridi finally reacts to Imran khan statement on Pulwama attack and even praised hsi Pakistan Army Force for showing humanity to the Indian IAF. Shahid Afridi quoted by saying that Pakistan has no hand in killing India’s 40 soldiers. Taking to Twitter, Afridi posted the video of Imran Khan speaking on the issue and […]

Vastu Sastra Tips, vastu shastra for bedroom tips, vastu shastra

Want to live a luxurious life? Just follow these Vastu Sastra Tips.

To Live a luxury life, just make these changes and you will see the difference. People are working hard day and night to earn a lot of money to live a luxury life. So that they can give a luxury life to themselves and their families. But there are many people who do not earn […]

Effective tips to control sleep in office after Lunch

Effective tips to control sleep in office after Lunch.

Most of us suffer from this problem. Just after lunch we start feeling sleepy and its quite normal but due to this your routine is affected. You are not able to focus on your work after lunch. Actually overeating, excessive consumption of sodium foods and simple carbs are the problem of sleep after lunch. But […]

jokes poking fun at Pakistan after Airstrike

Social media is flooded by memes and jokes poking fun at Pakistan after Airstrike.

You must be updated of the latest news that is happening in India. You must have also seen many memes and jokes that are being published on Twitter and Facebook. Well, these are so funny that we just can’t stop laughing. Indian Air Force has taken major action against Pakistan, who had attacked our soldiers […]

Health benefits of eating Tulsi Leaves, benefits of eating tulsi leaves

Do you know these Miracle benefits of eating Tulsi leaves early in the morning?

In just few days get rid of cough and Kidney stones. Tulsi is also known as Basil leaves. Basil plant is found in every home and this plant is considered very sacred. The plant has religious significance, along with many medicinal properties are also present in this plant. Which make this plant different and special […]

Tech & Gadgets

Did you know that the ATM card holder gets life insurance up to 10 lakhs?

Want to know how to claim it? From the beginning of the 21st century, there have been several major and significant banking reforms in India, one of the important and revolutionary steps are ATMs. ATM’s contribution is crucial to reaching banking facilities to the home and to increase their usage. Earlier, people were afraid of […]

whatsapp for pc, install whatsapp, whatsapp web scan, whatsapp download, whatsapp inc, whatsapp on computer, WhatsApp will delete your account
Tech & Gadgets

Warning! WhatsApp will delete your account if you are doing this.

WhatsApp is the most used social media platform which has around 1.5 billion active users. For your information, let us tell you that WhatsApp messenger is a cross-platform messaging and Voice over IP (VoIP) service owned by Facebook. Almost all of us use WhatsApp messenger to chat with our friends. Do you know WhatsApp is […]

Tech & Gadgets

Lost your Aadhaar Card? Here is the easiest way to get it.

Aadhaar card has now been made mandatory in every government related identification. Whether you have to verify your phone number or you have to open a new account, Aadhaar card is required. Aadhaar card comes with 12 digit UID (Unique Identification Number), which is known as Aadhaar number. Aadhaar is an important identification for Indian […]