PM Modi travels in these high-tech and expensive cars. You will be shocked to see.

PM Modi travels in these high-tech and expensive cars. You will be shocked to see.

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi describes himself as a beggar and the media praises him as soon as he gets the opportunity of his fate. But for the common people, his lifestyle is a dream of many people like us.

Discussions from his food to clothing are always in the news. The extent has come when Congress leader, Amrish Thakur, accused the prime minister of eating mushroom worth 80 thousand rupees. Today we are going to tell you about Narendra Modi’s expensive cars in which he uses to travel. These cars are not only notable in terms of look but in terms of features too.

BMW 7 Series

These cars are equipped with sensors that detect bombs or missiles. There is no effect of the grenade on this. And even more 44 handguns of the caliber cannot cause any damage to its glass. Another feature is that even after its tire gets punctured, it can run from 90 KMPH speed to 320 KM. That is why it is called India’s safest car.

The X showroom price of BMW’s luxury car is around Rs 1.5 crore.

Toyota Land Cruiser:

The Prime Minister is also seen in Toyota Land Cruiser sometimes in his convoy. This SUV has a 4461 CC engine which generates power of 261.49 BHP.

Toyota’s 7-seat luxury SUV costs around Rs 1.5 crore.

Land Rover Vogue:

The name of this SUV is counted among the most powerful cars. It has an engine of 4999 cc which generates power of 544 BHP.


The price of this beautiful and strong 5-seater SUV is about Rs 3 crore.


The luxury car is also run by the Prime Minister’s convoy in the 2993cc and 254 BHP engines. The price of this magnificent car is around Rs. 80 lakhs.

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