Railway offers 10 lakh rupees insurance cover for passengers.

Only in 92 paise get insurance of 10 lakh, many people will be unaware of this facility of the railway.

Our life is not secured. Anything could happen anytime. We might have to face something that we are not ready of. Risk and life go hand in hand. Just like that Indians and trains have a very old relation. Every day millions of Indians travel in trains. Indian Railways provides many facilities to make travelers experience enjoyable.

By the facilities, we mean not only food or water, but also its many other parameters. Do you know that Indian Railways provides accident insurance of 10 lakh rupees to its passengers? The special thing is that for this, passengers pay only 92 paise. The benefit of Rs. 10 lakhs can be found in less than a rupee. However, in order to avail this facility, travelers have to book tickets in a special way.

What is this feature? And what is its full process? Let us know.

Which passengers get the facility?

This facility, which provides insurance to passengers in less than a rupees, was started on September 1, 2016. It can be availed of only those travelers who book tickets online through the IRCTC website. Insurance is not provided to travelers on purchasing tickets from the window.

All information is given with PNR

On booking tickets from the website of IRCTC, the passengers are provided with PNR and all the details of the insurance company are provided through messaging and e-mail.

Do not forget to fill the information

On the death of the passenger in the Railway Accident, the money of the insurance is given to his nominee or legal successor. In such a case, after filling the insurance form, do not forget to mention the name of your nominee. So that the family can get the sum insured on the accident.

Government compensation comes with the sum insured

In the event of an accident, passengers receiving tickets from the window are compensated only by the government, but the sum assured along with the compensation on e-ticket is also available. In this way, travelers booking tickets online get both facilities.

Who gets the claim?

If someone dies during the journey, his nominee or the legal successor is insured up to 10 lakh rupees. There is a cover of up to Rs 7.5 lakh on any kind of physical disability. Apart from these, the cover of up to Rs 2 lakh is given on minor physical losses.

These people do not get insurance coverage

According to the rules, Railways do not provide insurance to children under 5 years of age. At the same time, only Indian citizens can benefit from this scheme. If a foreign citizen pays an online ticket, then he will not be offered insurance.

Keep these things in mind

According to the plan, if a passenger becomes a victim of an accident, then it is compulsory to let the company know within 4 months. If the claim is correct, the amount of the sum assured is made by check within 15 days.

At the same time, the insurance company can not dismiss any claim. For this, it is important to talk to the Nodal Officer of IRCTC. Whenever you get a chance to travel to the railway station next time, book online tickets so that you can get the benefit of this facility provided by the railway.

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