Real life stories of these haunted dolls will give you nightmares.

Real life stories of these haunted dolls will give you nightmares.

Have you ever wondered what is the story behind the scary horror dolls? Is there actually a real story behind these dolls or it’s just to create a fear among the people?

Today we are going to tell you about such real-life stories of haunted dolls which will give you nightmares:

According to several reports, these stories are true and every scary doll has a story. So let’s know about the story of the world’s scariest haunted dolls.


The owner of this doll sold it on an online site because he noticed some strange actions in it. After the arrival of this doll, that owner and his girlfriend were severely captured by a Migraine and their cat also died. The owner also said that it was a haunted doll and he himself heard the voice of the crying and laughing like a child. He used to keep it in the basement of his house and from there he used to hear the voices. The owner also disclosed that the pulse of that doll was also running.

Okiku Doll:

In 1918 a young man had bought this doll for his younger sister. Her sister became so much attached to this doll that both of them left each other after the death. That girl had a sudden death. The family has noticed that dolls hair is growing steadily. Every year that doll’s hair grew up down the knee, while they used to cut her hair up to the shoulder.


This doll is sitting comfortably at Florida’s Fort East Martello Museum. The strange thing is that this doll can roam throughout the room and she can make you scare with her eyes only. The other thing is that when a visitor tries to capture photos with this doll, then he is shocked by its presence. The electronic devices around it are disturbed.


It is believed that this doll left a handwritten message to her boss. There is a soul inside Annabelle doll.

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