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Revealed! Why Women always wants Men to approach first.

Revealed! Why Women always wants Men to approach first.

The current generation is changing very fast. But still, many of us have old beliefs. Just like a man who does the initiatives of a relationship, why? We have gone a long way in our thoughts but in many cases still very far behind. The girls have many reasons behind hoping to start a relationship with the boys. But why is it so? Before reaching those factors, ask yourself, have you ever taken initiative by yourself.

Today we are going to tell you why women never initiate their feeling.

1. Fear of Rejection:

Women’s biggest fear is Rejection. Usually, women think, ‘What if they will refuse me directly or else they say that they are not interested in me. How will I be able to face that situation? If people come to know then what people will think? ‘ There are many such questions that run in their minds. Because of this fear, they never ask a man for a date.

2. What will he think about me?

They do not like anyone to judge them,  and for this reason, they never approach men. The fear of what others will think of them stops them from confessing their love. These insecurities are heavier on their self-confidence. Any woman is very scared of this thing. She thinks, ‘The boy will think that this is not my type girl because I took the first step and talked to him.’ There is always the fear of being judged by men in the minds of women.

3. If he is already in a relationship?

Women cant express their feelings ever. Because they think that the person might be in a relationship already and they might reject them.

4. In every case, she finds him better than her:

Women also account for the risks related to her before doing anything, and she does the same even before approaching a person. If she sees that the person is better in every case than her then she herself back off.

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