‘Selfie mene le leliya’ singer Dhinkchak Pooja’s transformation broke the Internet.

‘Selfie mene le leliya’ singer Dhinkchak Pooja’s transformation broke the Internet.

You all must be knowing Dhinkchak Pooja, whose songs have become famous overnight on social media. The songs of Dhinkchak Pooja made her a sensation on social media.

Songs of ‘Dhinchak Pooja’, like ‘Selfie mene leliya aaj’ and ‘Dilo ka shooter hai Mera scooter’ had become super-viral on social media. Despite getting many negative comments on the social media and getting trolled Dhinkchak Pooja did not stop making songs.

Pooja, who got famous for her songs, also got an opportunity to participate in Big Boss 11.

But for some time Dhinchak Pooja was missing from the limelight. But these days, she is again in the social media. This time she is in discussions not because of her new songs, but because of her transformation.

Yes, Dhinkchak Pooja has transformed herself. You will be amazed after seeing her new look. She is looking gorgeous and hot.

Changed dressing style:

Pooja not only reduced her weight, but she has changed her dressing style also. Seeing these pictures of Pooja, it is clear that she had made her new photoshoot.

From Tomboy to Pretty girl:

In all her videos you must have seen Dhinkchak Pooja in a tomboy look, in which she was always seen in caps, pant, and T-shirts.

But now she looks beautiful. Recently, Dhinkchak Pooja shares a lot of photos of her makeover. In which she looks amazing.

She shared her recent photographs on her Instagram Account:

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