Shahid Afridi supports Imran Khan after Pulwama Attack

Shahid Afridi supports Imran Khan after Pulwama Attack, and is proud of Pakistan Air Force.

Shahid Afridi finally reacts to Imran khan statement on Pulwama attack and even praised hsi Pakistan Army Force for showing humanity to the Indian IAF.

Shahid Afridi supports Imran Khan after Pulwama Attack, Shahid Afridi supports Imran Khan

Shahid Afridi quoted by saying that Pakistan has no hand in killing India’s 40 soldiers.

Taking to Twitter, Afridi posted the video of Imran Khan speaking on the issue and wrote: “Absolutely crystal&Clear🇵🇰”

India is blaming Pakistan without any proof and backed Imran Khan’s statement regarding the Pulwama attack last Thursday. “Without any proof they are putting all the blame onto Pakistan straight away. Imran Khan has once again spoken on this matter in a positive & clear way to explain that Pakistan wants to have good relations with not only India, but also Afghanistan, Iran & China,” Afridi was quoted as saying by a Pakistan journalist.

Afridi took to Twitter and wrote,  

“Proud of Pakistan Armed Forces @OfficialDGISPR. This is how we treat our enemies even. The War Hysteria started by India must end now. We are a peace loving nation & the only solution to this is joint dialogue as suggested in speech by our PM @ImranKhanPTI”

“The officers of the Pakistan army has looked after me very well. They are thorough gentlemen, starting from the captain who rescued me from the mob and from his soldiers and thereafter the officers of the unit I was taken to. This is what I would expect my army to behave as and I’m very impressed by the Pakistani army,” Abhinandan says in the video.

“You (India) have blamed the Pakistan government without any evidence…If you have any evidence, we will act.

Statement of Prime Minister Imran Khan regarding #Pulwama incident. (Part-1)@ImranKhanPTI— Govt of Pakistan (@pid_gov) February 19, 2019

“It is in our interest that nobody from our soil spreads violence. I want to tell Indian government that we will take action if evidence is found against anyone from Pakistan.

“What has Pakistan to gain from this? Why will Pakistan do this at a stage when it is moving towards stability,” said Imran Khan adding that “this is a Naya Pakistan with a new mindset.”

Calling for a dialogue with India, he said: “If you think you will attack us and we will not think of retaliating…We will retaliate. We all know starting a war is in the hands of humans, where it will lead us only God knows. This issue should be solved through dialogue.”

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